Contract Work is Everywhere 


Anyone can find a contract job, all you have to do is look or make up your own.  What kind of job would you like?  You could be a contract writer.  Maybe computer services are more in your field.  How about being a contracted bookkeeper?  How about becoming a contracted cleaning person?  All these are possibilities for the right person. 

Let's start with the contract writer.  Where can you go to find a writing job?  The very first thing you should do is sign up with Elance or oDesk. These sites are easily navigated.  On either site, you will find a mega number of jobs.  To find work, you have to search every day and find the jobs that seem to suit your set of skills.  In the meantime, it is necessary to build up your profile.  Each site offers tests that you can take to share with clients.  You need to proof that you can write, have good grammar and spelling skills.  It will take a while to find clients that are compatible with you.

A computer technical person can start his own contracted service by advertising in the newspaper, setup a web page or TV ad.  These computer contracted services are well paying jobs.  Of course, you definitely have to have some training for this job.  The training certificate will help you sell yourself to prospective customers. The best way to get clients is to visit different businesses and explain your services.  You will definitely get contracts this way, some may be short term, such as installing some software, where other jobs may be maintaining a website or doing monthly updates.

Let's look into being a contracted bookkeeper.  This is also a job found on oDesk or Elance but it can be done by visiting different businesses, especially non-profits.  Learn different bookkeeping software; such as Quickbooks.  This is a good selling tool; it can develop into a great well paying job.  Word of mouth works well if you go to work for a non-profit.  If you do a good job, they will refer you to other non-profits. If you work for five non-profits, one day a week; it can work into a full time contracted service position. Visit here

Setting up a contracted cleaning business is probably the easiest of all.  Once you advertise and have a few paying clients, as long as you do a good job, women will refer you to other clients.  Some cleaners offer to clean once a week for a few hours, clean every couple of weeks or monthly; some cleaners even offer just spring cleaning services.  There are contracted cleaning people that earn $15 to $18 per hour.

As you can see, there are so many jobs that pay well.  Sometimes imagination is key.  If you sit down and  list what you have for talents or what you like to do for a hobby, you may find something that can be made into a contracted service.  There are lots of advantages to working for yourself, one of them is you are your own boss.  The disadvantage is that you are your own boss!